Making Up For A Missed Date With Omar Sharif

I’ve got a new pocket touch camera. Well, actually it’s my first pocket cam ever. A black, shiny, beauuutiful little tool, which makes amaaaazing pictures. Or, as the British woudl say, loooovely pictures – adding „would you like a cup of tea? Wait, I’ll put the kettle on!“.

Anyway. I suppose you can imagine my excitement when I heard I might get the possibility to try out this shiny new pocket cam with…guess who? Omar Sharif! THE Omar Sharif – exactly. The guy who played Doctor Zhivago and Sherif Ali in Laurence of Arabia. And the one who siphoned off three Golden Globe Awards!

Although I was not going to interview him myself, I would be the one putting him in touch with my employer in London and thus meet him here in Paris. The perfect occasion to by the way make a nice little pocket cam video!

So imagine my disappointment when Omar cancelled our interview in the last … hours. Don’t ask (why)!

Luckily, I have Mangal. Mangal is one of my former flatmates. I now have over 35. A compulsory mover’s curse I guess. Mangal only stayed with me for two weeks, but left a pretty unforgettable mark in my memory going down in history as the probably loudest snorer in the world, or at least in Paris. No wall/ appartment/ ear plugs would get between his snoring and my ears!

But except for this exceptional talent of snoring, he also has everything one needs to make up for a missed date with Omar Sharif. Watch and marvel!