Simply the best!

Everybody’s got them, these moments when you think: I could not get higher!

Enjoy mines:

1. When I was at JB’s and Cecile’s wedding in Normandie. 90 percent of the people around me were either over 50 or under 16. We had dinner for FIVE hours – because dinner takes so long at French weddings, obviously. Marion and I were almost falling asleep, WHEN … the wedding cake arrived. And all of a sudden, everybody got up, ate one great, sweet piece of cake and – started dancing! The whole pack of us was on the dance floor – even those over 70!!! And everybody had such a great time, some people the time of their lives … I suppose, it was the contrast between expectation and reality – is that what makes moments worth while ???

2. Possibly, as something similar, even though less festive, happened to me the day I was admitted at Sorbonne University. The interview with the masters jury went really badly, I came out crying, felt like sh… And all day long, I had the blues. At night though, when I read my emails (it was one o’clock in the morning), I saw my name on the admitted persons list! What a happy moment! I couldn’t believe it, woke up my flatmate, danced around the living room. And had sweet dreams afterwards …

To be continued … I hope 🙂


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