British cuisine…

…was tonight’s original plan.  But it turned out a microwave cover was in our way…


So the poor peppers had to go the bin…


…whereas we now have a new piece of decoration in our kitchen (in the foreground: my friend Grace from England)…



Wanna know what…

… the Kiwis think of the French?

Then watch Flight of the Concords‚ „Foux de Fa Fa“  – LOL :


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You live and learn…

…I thought today–again!  Thanks to Rue89’s report on the „Cuss Free Week“ proposal, I found out about the word „douchebag“.

While the French website asked (itself), if it was really necessary to explain the meaning of the word, I silently answered „yes“. You agree on that?

Then watch and learn:

You didn’t quite figure it out yet?  Then check out these superb explanations (you can pick and choose :-)).


My start in the new year …

…was as marvellous as it gets–with my parents and I painting our little town Marburg red, at least until 11 p.m.

Then, we headed home.  We watched every year’s „Dinner For One“ on TV, opened the champagner bottle at midnight and marvelled at the fireworks.

And THEN came the best part: we danced the night away in our arm chairs as we watched „ZDF kultnacht„.  For, this New Year’s Eve programme was among others starring him, the hero of my early teens: The Hoff!!

Seriously, I don’t understand why the British are mocking us for worshipping this great singer … 😉